Monday, 29 February 2016

Purple-crested Turaco (Lourie)

While growing up I never saw louries (turacos) in our garden, but over time the bird populations changed and for about the last ten years I lived there Purple-crested Turacos (Tauraco porphyreolophus) often visited our garden.  I saw two together fairly often so there was at least a pair of them.

Their call is an unmistakable repeated kok-kok-kok sound which my wife describes as laughing. They are shy and fly from tree-to-tree, hopping between the branches, mostly hidden in the foliage. When they fly their crimson red flight feathers are dazzling.

With their loud call you are left in no doubt about where they are. However trying to see them for a good photograph with hopefully all of the bird and not in dark shade drove me crazy. I finally got some decent pictures when one stayed out in the open on an old avocado pear tree for a moment, rather than buried in our enormous Forest Natal Mahogany Tree (Trichilia dregeana).

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